Some Tips for Debugging a Home Theater System

After you spend a great deal of time setting up a home theater system, chances are that something is not right. If you haven’t hired an installer then it is up to you to figure out what the problem is. I suggest reading the next few paragraphs because I have some good advice for narrowing down the problem.

First of all, find out whether you have no video or no audio. If you do have audio but no video then double check that your video sources on. The most common cause for having no video is incorrect wiring to your TV or incorrect settings on your TV because a source usually will output both video and audio. So if you do have audio then most likely you source has no problem. Crawl behind your TV and double check that you have connected the video cable to the right input on your TV. Make note of the number of the input. TVs have settings to select between different inputs. Go into that menu and double check that the setting is set properly.

If you still have no video then make sure that the video format of your video source is understood by the TV. Also, you can try connecting a different type of cable between your source and your television. In most cases the above steps will resolve any problem. If there still is an issue then you might have to return your TV to the manufacturer so that they can check if there’s a problem. Before you do this though you might want to use another video source if available.

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In most cases, however, the problem is with the audio. First of all, make sure that video is being displayed which means that your video sources active. Next, double check that your power amplifier switched on and set to the right input. Next, make sure that the audio connection between your source and the power amplifier is inserted properly. A bad connection is a common cause for having no audio. If you have audio on some speakers only then the problem most likely is with the connection between your power amplifier and the other speakers. Double check the cable connections.

If you only have sound on your front speakers then most likely your video sources not set to output surround sound. However, is also possible that your power amplifier is not set to the right surround format. In most cases, power amplifiers will be able to detect and automatically adjusts to the input format. If that is not the case you will have to do this manually. Just visit the settings menu of the power amplifier.

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