How to Connect Speakers without Running Long Speaker Wires

If you own a larger house, you might find that it is quite difficult to set up some loudspeakers in different rooms of your home without embarking on a huge wiring project. If you don’t want to hire an installer to start drilling holes into your walls that you might want to look at some options which out there that can fight the setup. In this article, I will explore some products which were designed specifically for streaming music to some speakers without messy speaker cables.

Keep in mind that whatever technology you use, you will need at least some sort of power near the speaker. If the speaker itself is an active speaker which means it has a power amplifier built-in or you will need some sort of device that has an amplifier built-in in order to drive the speaker. That is because the diaphragm of the speaker requires a certain wattage in order to be driven to a specific volume.

Wireless loudspeakers are one option for distributing music around your home without running long speaker cables. In this case, the power amplifier is built into the speaker itself. In addition to the amplifier, there’s also a wireless receiver unit which is able to pick up a wireless signal and turned into audio. The signal which is being received has to be compatible speaker. For this reason, most manufacturers of wireless speakers include a suitable transmitter unit with the speakers. The signal that is being sent by the transmitter works with the speakers.

Bluetooth speakers are not usually suitable for multi-audio streaming. That is because the Bluetooth signal has a fairly short range. There are some long-range Bluetooth receivers out there but in general I would stay away from Bluetooth if you want to transmit music two different rooms.

However, if you want to stream music from your cell phone which you take into each room then Bluetooth is perfect option. This case you might want to consider purchasing a wireless speaker which not only supports Bluetooth but also another protocol. In that case you can use streaming from your phone via Bluetooth and also employ the proprietary signal in order to receive music from a remote location. Alternatively, you can also consider some network speakers which utilize the existing network connections in your home.

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